Don’t let the world cage your dreams

Some people will tell you Don’t go for your dreams because it’s not possible or you may fail ,they will give you millions of reasons for not going towards your dream


The fact is that one who says such things are the one who whose words are worthless and they are the one who knowingly or unknowingly trying to cut your wings .

Never take advice from people who aren’t getting the results you want to experience.MICHAEL HYATT

It’s your life your dreams Don’t let the world cage your dreams.

There may be 100’s of reasons for not going for your dreams, but you just need one burning desire to go for it and prove it to the world that you can do it. Don’t listen to everyone out there except the one who are experienced and can give you genuine advice.

You got your own brain and heart and you are different from others in one or more aspect and everyone in this world is born to rock in their own style so don’t try to copy others.

Be you ! Be Confident ! Be ready to fail ! Be ready to learn ! Be ready to rock !

You may fail at first attempt and lots of mouth will be waiting for you to fail so that they can prove that they were right that you can’t do this.Don’t listen to them rather try to do it again and again until you get what you want and after that there will be many who will say I knew he will do it.

No matter if you fail or succeed, people will gossip about you so smile and have faith in yourself.

The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection~~Thomas Paine

And always remember

You do not need to give a justification of everything that you do, your friends, family and neighbors will ask you why are you doing it.

Tell them

Because I want to do it.

Don’t waste your precious time in making everyone understand that what are you doing is worthy because many of them will not understand and will try to discourage you .

Stay Motivated and re-Color this planet with happiness and don’t forget to love yourself .

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