EARN THROUGH CAPTCHA ENTRY WORK : Best sites for captcha entry jobs

There are hundreds of websites where you can work for the captcha entry works and can EARN THROUGH CAPTCHA ENTRY WORK. I am sure you must have been through captcha entry while making your account. This is the human verification model which is to enter code to verify any account.

  • This can be considered as one of the best jobs.
  • All you need to find the websites which will genuinely pay you.
  • There are many which don’t pay, so chose wisely.
  • You must know that this is not something that will pay you much.
  • Also, this is very laborious and you need to send around 4 to 5 hours daily to earn around $100 to $200 i.e. around 6000rs to 12000rs per month.
  • You can earn around 0.2$ to 2$ for every 1000 captcha entry.
  • Websites will ask you to download the software and after logging in you can enter the captcha.
  • You need to make account on PayPal and link to the website you are working.
  • Payments will be made after you reach the minimum amount payable.



Here are top 5 sites for captcha entry jobs.

1. Captcha2Cash

You may like it as it has very low payout and you can withdraw even at 1$. Captcha2Cash offers 1$ for every 1000 captcha solved correctly. This is one of the best as you will find a lot number of jobs.

2. MegaTypers Maybe you are looking for this. MegaTypers offers only 0.45$ to 1.5$ but it can pay around 250$ per month as it has lot of captcha entry jobs.

3. ProTypers ProTypers is data entry specialist also it pays for solving captcha image solver. And yes, it may you around 200$ per month.

4. FastTypers

FastTypers can pay you around 1.5$ for 1000 captcha entry. This websites has highest number of visitors during night hours specially 12A.M to 5A.M.

You can stay in touch with their blog services.

5. VirtualBee

VirtualBee is one of the oldest sites which pay you according to the score.

The score varies from 0 to 100. Maintain your score and earn accordingly.

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