He failed in Business but emerged as an Author whose stories touch the soul

Before five years, I was pursuing MBA and wanted to be a business man, even had started a business while I was in my second semesters. But I couldn’t succeed because of my some wrong decisions. I lost my all saving and my friends investment too. 

I was depressed, lonely. To my happiness I always wrote some lines and stories, even while I was in school I had written more than fifty poems. But I had no idea when I had taken writing seriously. Without proper preparations I had published my two novels in a pen- name, as expected I had not got a good result. But my third novel got some glimpse of success, it had given me hope and believe that I can write something great.
After completing ‘ The revenge of Gandhi’s follower’ I had decided to published it, I had a strong believe over the story and content. But still I felt I needed someone having experience in education field. To get an export while you haven’t given any financial benefit is the most difficult thing of this planet. Luckily one of my brother Mr. Manash introduced me with Durgesh Nandini. She had given almost one and half years to put all her experience to make the book even better. Now we are working on several stories too.

About the Book

Vijay, a mediocre man, who wanted to marry his childhood sweetheart after doing a job, who dreamed to establish his own business after few years of working experience like millions of other. But our corrupt system and orthodox society forced him to entered into politics. He first became HRD minister, he was responsible for education evolution. Everything he had done to gain power to take his personal revenge but being a Gandhian, his strategy was something unusual, his revenge wasn’t ordinary . . .
My novel ‘ The revenge of Gandhi’s follower’ is available now in Amazon. Com. It will publish on 7th July 2017.

Thanks B.P. Senapati

for accepting my proposal of sharing your story on gogrado.com  and inspiring us .

Wish you all the success in your life and may you inspire us with your touching stories.

You are the One

O god, everyone believes on you,
Then why this fight because of religion,

Then why men kill each other,

 by pronouncing your different name . . .

O God, give some intelligence to those people,

Who breaks one of your home,

And plans to make another home for you…

O God, Glance at your earth,

Your children kill each other,

fight with each other,

By name of Allah & Ram

Tell them to stop fighting,

 because you are the One

(Written by: B.P. Senapati)


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